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On My Shelf - Midnight Sun

All these years later, Stephenie Meyer has graced fans with another Twilight novel, "Midnight Sun".

Writen from Edward Cullens POV, it follows him as he meets Bella at school, through the end of the first book in the series.

Man, this was a long book! On my kindle, it reads over 700 pages, which is nuts. I admit it took me two weeks, longer than I wanted to spend on a guilty pleasure read, but I did finish it.

This book is for fans, I would not recomment it for someone who hasnt read the books, or isnt familiar with the movies. Edward is a nuerotic and anxious mess the entire book, flinging his emotions back and forth that its a bit hard to keep up.

Also, as a mind reader, there is alot of dialogue in italics and it has me questioning what happens at times. Whether characters are always just communicating through thoughts or if people actually talk out loud to him.

Overall, it was a fine read. I dont think I'll read it again.


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