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On My Shelf - Once Upon A Broken Heart

This book had the perfect formula for me. A potential enemies to lovers trope, magic, proactive women, fantasy, BUT... it didnt deliver.

I really love Stephanie's writing style. She has a voice that is easy to read and thats what kept me going with this book.

Really the plot was all over the place. Every now and then I was like, what? Not a fan of something feeling like several ideas mashed together, to create something that seems cohesive but not really. Sure I read it all, sure I didnt DNF it, but I am not too sure whether I will get the sequel.

The romance was so forced, nothing about the couple made them feel like they actually liked eachother besides hormones. The love interest did nothing to earn the lead's affections, besides have magic.

There were a few twists and turns, none of which I cared about since I wasnt invested in anyone.


2.5/5 stars

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