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Writing by the Water


Hey everyone!

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Check out "My Books" to see what I'm working on and their current statuses.

Then go look @LauraWritesFiction, which is my writing instagram account where I hold weekly live sprints and more.

ALSO, I have an amazing Podcast I do with the super talented Lorin PetraZilka, called The Lore Ladies. Learn about some fun things from two fun ladies!


About me

I'm Laura L Hohman!


I am a lover of stories. Reading them, watching them, writing them, and living them. 


I grew up reading Harry Potter in my closet, letting myself escape into a world of magic and fantasy. Then I discovered Pern, dragons, and romance.


I love books that deal with themes about moral grey areas, enemies to lovers romance, and normal people being asked to do extraordinary things.  

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