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On My Shelf - Gilded

I really enjoy Marissa Meyer. Her retelling of fairytales in the Cinder series is masterful, so when Gilded was announced, I preordered it asap.

This book was good! The characters felt authentic and the premise was a great mix of everything I like in fantasy books.

I also really enjoyed the idea of a girl who was blessed, or I guess cursed, with the ability to tell stories.

As a retelling of rumplestiltzkin, I felt it was more interesting than the original tale, which isnt too hard to do. The romance did not feel forced, and the biggest complaint that I have is it ended too soon. The "twist" was something I guess in the midpoint of the book, unfortunate, but maybe it comes from knowing how a proper twist should be set up, I can spot all the early tell tale foreboding.

Gilded was one of the better reads I've read lately and I'm excited for the next in the series.

4.5 / 5 stars

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