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On My Shelf - He Who Fights With Monsters

LitRPG is not my jam.

BUT it is my husbands. So as we took a long 9 hour roadtrip up the great state of California, we started listening to this book.

WOW. Talk about an awesome and addicting story.

This is about a boy who gets sucked out of his regular, slightly crappy life, and sucked into a parallel world as a special and powerful magic user. He has quite a few hard times, but his wit and his keen mind keep him one step ahead of his enemies at almost every turn.

If you dont know if you like this genre, this is an amazing series to dip a toe into. Yes there are annoying sections that talk about power stats and percentages of leveling up, but eventually the reader becomes invested in those sections as well.

Now, I listened to this audiobook (and the following 2). I did not read the books, and I do give a TON of credit to the voice artist who recorded these. He was so likeable and read the boring bits smoothly.

5/5 stars

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