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On My Shelf - A Court of Silver Flames

And it arrived and I read it.

No spoiler review:

Oh man, anyone who knows me knows that ACOTAR is by far my favorite series. So, its obvious I hold it, and Sarah J Maas, to high standards... and maybe thats why I felt so disappointed by this book.

This felt like a fanfic. That's not a bad thing, but it did leave me underwhelmed. One biggy, for some reason, Sarah decided to switch from First person POV to third. I didnt realize this was such a big deal for me until a few chapters in and I'm all, why do I still not empathize with Nesta? Oh, its because this isnt written as Nesta. We hear some of her thoughts and such, but its not as personal as it could have been (and Nesta isnt a very likable character, so we needed it to feel personal).

POV asside, the timing of this book floundered. Much like the first ACOTAR book, there is a very slow build up to the A Plot. The first half of the book is following the trauma and healing that Nesta attempts to go through, and all the hiccups and bitchy moments along the way. Of which there are many. And the stairs.... so many stairs.

Positives: The A Plot, which I wont go too much into, is really cool. I wish we could have spent more time developing this, and the really great conflict, and less time focusing on Nesta's emotional fluxuations.

Another positive, Cassian. That's it. He's great.

Overall, I am happy to have this book. I love this universe and most of these characters enough to reread it and put it up on my shelf. But in the end, I wonder if Sarah had a hard time deciding how to be true to herself, yet please her fans.

3/5 stars

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