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Trials of Sand and Thunder
Draft 3: Edits

Tess is born with the cursed tattoo that deems her a servant for life. She wears the iron bracelets of the Marked, yet she has managed to hide from the system for sixteen years.


Until, she has an encounter with the leader of the Iron Truth, a growing rebel organization in the city looking to break the cycle of ancient punishment.

Tess soon becomes key to their plans as she infiltrates a competition between the Noble Houses to determine the heir to the throne of Darjatlam.

Suddenly her life becomes much more complicated.

Caught between friends and foes, lies and truths, Tess must prove her skills against the most powerful teenagers in the Empire, all the while searching for the means to free her people. 

A Frost Bite
Beta Readers

One of  three novellas for a special 2021 holiday collection with Lorin PetraZilka

- - -

Solo traveling for the past few months in Europe, Des is on her way to the airport to go home for the holidays.

Then, her rental car stalls and she finds herself stuck in a snowstorm with only a distant Castle for refuge.

Lord Sebastian LeBlanc gives her shelter as the snow turns into a full on blizzard. All planes and plans are cancelled until the weather clears.

Soon, Des learns that there is more to Lord Sebastian then meets the eye, and that, sometimes, Christmas abroad is more tempting than going home.


#romance #novella #fantasy #supernatural

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