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The Zenith Decoy

A space adventure where the Princess of the Zenith Empire, and her handmaid, are captured by the Aeon Dynasty, a pirate organization looking for anyway to legitamize their claims.


Forced into an arranged marriage with the pirate Prince Dax, Shandra and Jayna fight for their freedom while learning about the galaxy, about love and loyalty, and what it means to be a royal.


PREORDER NOW - on sale 5/1/2023


Not So Silent Nights

Supernatural Holiday Romance Novella Collection


A Frost Bite Novella 

29,000 words

After a traumatic divorce, Desorae traveled through Europe to find herself. Ready to return home in time for Christmas, an intense blizzard forces her to take shelter in a castle with the Lord Sebastian LeBlanc. Rude and domineering, Des doesn't know how to handle the complicated man while stuck in the neverending storm. Poking her nose where it doesn't belong, she discovers that they both are hiding from their own painful pasts and discovers that she may have more in common with this Lord than she first thought.

Wings and Witchlings Novella

co-written with Lorin Petra Zilka

Adopted twins Addie and Lexi splurged on a trip to New Orleans for their thirtieth birthday, which happened to overlap with the holiday season. They had their whirlwind vacation planned out, a mix of holiday decorated homes and haunted cemetery tours, yet fate had different plans. From the shadows, a dark skeletal fiend attacked the sisters, opening their eyes to the hidden world behind the veil of reality. Pulled apart by two supernatural handsome men with large feathered wings, known as Celestials, Addie and Lexi learn about their magic abilities and a hidden tomb with a dark, dangerous past.

Works in Progress

Witch Detective Christie

YA Supernatural Mystery

Draft 1 in Progress


Trials of Sand and Thunder

YA Fantasy

Draft 4 in Progress

Comp Books

- Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard 

- Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Eastbourne College England

Knights of Avalon 

YA Urban Fantasy

Outline in progress

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